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If you don’t think real estate can change the world, you’ve never met Maya Hyman.

Maya made the switch to real estate after spending many years in the corporate and non-profit worlds. During her time in those roles, she honed the skills she would use throughout her career: listening to others to understand their needs, advocating those needs, and developing realistic strategies to effectively meet goals and timelines.  

When she applied those skills in real estate, she ended up finding her true calling: helping to promote positive change in the lives of others, starting with finding them the right home.  

Rather than fixate on a single transaction (Buy! Sell!), Maya focuses on the long-term, positive life changes that occur when someone is in a home that suits their personality and lifestyle, a place where they find peace and comfort every time they open the front door. Maya loves helping her clients make decisions that will positively impact their lives and believes that being in the right home serves as a catalyst for all good things in life.  

It’s this mindset that informs every interaction Maya has with her clients, who appreciate the personal attention she lavishes upon them and praise her ability to understand what they are looking for long before they realize it themselves. Maya’s extensive experience advocating for others guarantees that her clients have someone in their corner and acting in their best interests at all times.

Maya is more than a just seasoned professional. She is a trustworthy advisor and friend who is on a mission to make people happy in their homes—now and for years to come.

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The Maya&Kate Team are more than just seasoned professionals. We are trustworthy advisors and friends on a mission to make people happy in their homes - now and for years to come.